For the Korean Dogs in torment
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As a civilised country, South Korea is the only one in Asia where dogs are intensively farmed for human consumption. It is estimated that there are over 17,000 dog meat farms in South Korea and two million dogs are purportedly slaughtered for food every year in what is commonly regarded as an unregulated industry.

From birth to slaughter, these dogs are kept in cramped, filthy cages stacked on top of each other and given little food. Many suffer from disease and malnutrition, and all are subjected to terrible, daily neglect or even deliberate cruelty.

The ways these unfortunate souls are slaughtered in their final moments tends to become extreme and even nightmarish in its brutality, for the belief popularised by dog meat dealers that somehow if the animal is tortured the meat tastes better. Bludgeoning, hanging and electrocution are commonplace, but also unspeakable cruelty as skinning and boiling them alive.

The tides are changing, and more people are seeing extreme cruelty that cannot be excused as merely a matter of cultural norms

The South Korean congress is proposing key amendments to current Korean animal protection legislation, to prohibit specific instances of animal cruelties and significantly increased penalties for breaches of the law.

The proposed bill aims to ban arbitrary killings of animals and stop gruesome acts of killing. It will give lawful protection to animals and mandates people in slaughtering businesses to minimise the sufferings of animals in a killing.

This could be an important stepping stone in raising South Korea’s animal welfare standards in line with the changing attitudes of its people and those held by the wider international community.

They don’t deserve to be tortured like this

Many good-natured dogs are loyal to and friendly with humans. They exhibit such empathy and bonding with humans that there are few things like the silent devoted companionship of a dog.

It is for these reasons that people look upon them as family and friends. The spirituality exhibited by these souls makes them more than merely food for the plate. They don’t deserve to be tortured and brutally slaughtered like this.

You can help – How it works

The below humanitarian organisation is doing work to help support the passing of the proposed amendments to Korean animal legislation and stop the cruelty:

If you make a donation to the organisation through the above webpage before the end of February 2019, we will top-up your donation and make it double by giving the same amount until it reaches our limit, meaning we honestly cannot provide further without going into debt. This is our irrevocable promise to you and the Korean dogs in distress.

Please help to stop the cruelty and restore humanity to our world.